Our people-oriented approach to installing, configuring and supporting your system, combined with our professional project management, will result in a flexible and powerful system that you understand and know how to make work for you.

We know the ultimate goal of most service organizations is to improve lives.  Our solutions provide you with more time to focus on your clients, and less time managing paperwork. 

Our Solutions:

Case Management

Proactive case management
—Case managers can input information efficiently, generate forms with all appropriate data, produce vouchers, track expenses and generate “real time” reports for timely compliance with your performance measures

Seamless Collaboration--Independent case managers can share information with other agencies or organizations in a format that is easy to use, flexible, and completely secure

Comprehensive Reporting—Our system can place a wealth of information and reports on WIA, Wagner-Peyser, TAA, Veterans programs, and other federal, state, and local programs at the user’s fingertips

Rapid Retooling and implementation of new state and local programs—Data elements, business rules, user screens, and reports can be rapidly added, modified, and deployed with built-in customization tools, without the need for reprogramming or recompiling

Built to fit your needs—Our system is completely configurable to fit your size and service delivery model—everything on the desktop can be customized to meet your precise needs

Go beyond compliance—Compliance is the bottom line, but it shouldn’t distract you from your work. With our system, compliance becomes a non-issue because our system gathers all of the required data and automatically produces all required funders' reports

Fiscal tracking and voucher processing--Our system allows case managers to track client program enrollments, as well as generate vouchers and track client accounts all within the same system. Oftentimes, case managers will record services and enrollments in one system, while tracking obligations and processing vouchers in a different system.  We have streamlined this approach by providing case managers with a tool to record all of their data entry into one, integrated system.

Other features:

*  Tracks adults and youth
*  Creates goals plans and tracks progress
*  Automates eligibility determination
*  Starts small, then grows to serve other functions and organizations
*  Web-based, secure Microsoft platform

The Partners Referral System:

​​@Work Solutions has built an on-line “Partners Referral System.” The System connects participating organizations and their customers with the One Stop Career Centers and other organizations in your Community and Region and provides a simple system for Referrals, Tracking, Monitoring, and Success Measurement.

The @Work Partners Referral System offers:

• A seamless mechanism for purposeful customer referrals between organizations.

• Replaces the informal referral process that tends to exist in many communities​ and instead provides a means for direct intentional referrals.

• Allows staff to reach out directly to the referred customer with key information as to the purpose of the referral which sets the tone for a customer friendly experience.

• Allows for easy tracking of referrals between organizations and each partner can obtain the status of the referral at a glance.

• Creates a seamless environment for customers and provides partners with a way to effectively coordinate their combined efforts.

Key Design Features Include:

• Automatic email notifications to staff & clients regarding new referral assignments, appointments scheduled/ rescheduled, and update requests.

• Easy to view summary screens and minimal data entry to simplify work.

• Easy to search community resources for partner staff to see available programs and services.

• Two available paths for partners to accept referrals: 1. Automated staff assignment process for new inbound referrals, and/or 2. Establishing available appointment times.

• “My Calendar” feature for staff to schedule and control their calendar and availability for inbound referral appointments, personal events, and center events.
• “Center Work Calendar” for managers to easily view and manage office coverage, work schedules, PTO and holidays.

• Group email blasts to partner staff for sharing news and information around programs.

• Partner services reports to monitor inbound & outbound referrals between partners and staff.

If you would like to schedule a webinar so you and members of your team can see the @Work Partners Referral System and how it works, please contact:

Jason Shaw, 812-345-0502 (mobile)

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